Patient Pre-Procedure To Do List

Your estimated patient responsibility is due 2 business days prior to your procedure and is based on the benefit information quoted by your insurance carrier. If you do not have insurance, the estimated patient responsibility due is based on the self-pay discount. During your procedure, your physician may determine that other procedures are required, which can result in additional charges. We will bill you for any additional charges as a result of those extra procedures.

1 – Who can I call to get estimated costs for my procedure? There are up to 4 billing providers for your procedure

            (Please have you active Insurance Card Information available)

a. Texas Endoscopy (Facility Fee)……. (972) 908-3000
b. TDDC (GI Physician’s Fee)…………… (972) 943-9091 or (972) 562-4430
c. TDDC (Anesthesia Fee)…………..…… (800)-884-7205 (TE Endo Sedation)
d. TDDC (Pathology Fee)……….……….. (214) 623-6230

              (Call your Insurance Carrier If you have questions about your Insurance Plan Benefits)

2 – What you need to bring to Texas Endoscopy on the day of your Procedure:

  • Driver’s License
  • Insurance Card
  • Do Not Bring Valuables (Watches, Jewelry, etc.)

3 – You will receive multiple text, emails and or calls from Texas Endoscopy prior to your Procedure:

  • A Nurse from Texas Endoscopy will review your Medical History, that you fill out from the email or text you receive. You will receive a call if the nurse needs to review additional information
  • Business Office will email or text with your Estimated Facility Fees
  • Methods of Payment for your Procedure (Credit Card, Check, Care Credit) Payment due 2 business days prior to your procedure. Can make your payment on
  • Payment Options are available (Care Credit). Apply online at
  • You may also receive a call from your GI Physician’s Office (TDDC)

4 – Arrangement for Transportation:

  • For your safety, State and Federal regulations require that you have a responsible adult to provide transportation for you after your procedure. You are prohibited from driving yourself after your procedure. Your procedure will be cancelled if you don’t have a qualified driver.
  • State and Federal regulations do not allow any form of Public Transportation (Taxi, Bus, Uber, etc.)

5 – Texas Endoscopy Contacts:

  • Texas Endoscopyat 8080 Independence Pkwy. Suite 160, Plano, TX 75025 Location: (972) 908-3000
  • Texas Endoscopyat 6405 W. Parker Rd. Suite 370, Plano, TX 75093 Location: (972) 473-9900
  • Website:

6 – To Cancel or Reschedule your Procedure or for prep or medication:

  • Call your GI Physician’s Office (TDDC) as they do all the procedure scheduling and prescribe the prep and give the prep instructions
  • Texas Endoscopy does not do any scheduling. Please call TDDC.